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    Anthem - Early Release

    By Zahadoom,


    Anthem will go live tonight anyone that is able will see you guys in Discord.

    Anthem Early Access Gameplay Live.

    We dive into the early hours of Anthem now that its available through Origin Premier Access on Xbox One and PC.

    Insurgency - Sandstorm Game Servers

    By Zahadoom,
    • Been a while since I have posted here but I will give it a try.  This week I am able to be back playing again and to my surprise I find Stilgar, AgentJLM and Ferrett, have been busy with the game Insurgency - Sandstorm.  This is a Steam based, first person shooter newly released.  Yes it has a few glitches but overall a good place to sit and spend a few hours of game play.  We now have up to four servers.  Server are 57th - Central based in Dallas, 57th - North based in Chicago, 57th - West based in Los Angeles and the 4th server I personally have not seen yet and do not have the name but Stilgar assures me it is there :).  Guys, catch this game on steam and if able jump in join us.  All you need do is once in the game, do a server search and you will find the 57th servers to be amoung the busiest in the server list.  Also, catch us in discord and ask any questions needed.


    New Division Logos

    By Waylain,

    Thats right, its about time I actually got these done. I will be updating the website places with these over the next few days, but wanted you guys to get a sneak peek. 

    GUILDWARS2.pngpantheon.pngseige.pngSTAR CITIZEN.pngsto.png