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  1. Last week
  2. Well I hope my post title drew some interest. I am looking to see when people are on GW2 now. What nights/day do you get to play? I have more time on my hands and want to get back into playing more. Looking for some people so its not all about me (you know I am not selfish!). Hope to hear from ya, Zeus
  3. The merging is complete!

    Updated. Sadly, my previously meticulously chosen pictures have gone down the drain. Picked the best I could muster in this short time. Will try to recover those from before though. C.
  4. Earlier
  5. Need Volunteers

    No...bunch of flour holes :p
  6. Need Volunteers

    Have you gotten anymore people?
  7. Need Volunteers

    Some of you may know my friends and I started up a Fantasy Football/General Football website up and specializing in the Dynasty style of Fantasy Football. In any case, I am wanting to do a mock draft but I want people to draft for their team rather than me doing my own Mock Drat (which I have lol). In any case, Weazel is going to represent the Broncos, Kahn will represent the 49ers. Just need other people for the other teams.
  8. The merging is complete!

    Yes, but this is may not be the final. Its close tho and what we have for now
  9. The merging is complete!

    I would update the guild name as well and other descriptors including a brief update on the merging. (Which would be included in the short guild history to provide users with the explanation) Can I use this new logo for the thread?
  10. The merging is complete!

    The website is back up, and the leadership at the bottom needs to be updated
  11. Some of you know my friends and I started a Fantasy/Dynasty Football website and we are all noobs on podcasting thus our crappy engineering lol. But we want to have a guy on from another location. We tried that and we use a Sound board into a Laptop and it recorded him on one and our voices on another. like it split it in 3 programs. its also sounds watery and popping (which could be a plug issue). But what is a good program to use for that, or how do we have a better recording in general? We use Audacity but Audacity did not work.
  12. Friends, now that we have Archon power present I will update the Pantheon recruitment topic accordingly. Write down here if you are aware of specific details I should pay attention to. Topic link: https://www.pantheonmmo.com/content/forums/topic/4030/the-midnight-squadron-18-honor-loyalty-fun-since-1995 C.
  13. WHO?

    Never thought that one day I will be able to see this - Zahadoom and CapM in a single topic! Stuff of legends!
  14. WHO?

    I have set him back
  15. WHO?

    Man, you take a leave and all kinds of dead bodies start to fall out of the sky. Metalhead was Sr. Command for us, before he departure.
  16. DRONZO_08.jpg

    old sigintures just recently found zaha`s work
  17. DRONZO_08.png

  18. 57th dronzo.jpg

  19. The Sifter

    I've updated a link to my novel (above) in case anyone was bored enough to read. Thanks!
  20. PSN Tags

    Updated again
  21. Cockpit Rig

    I built my own top and then you can buy the frame, adjustable, from ikea or amazon or whatever. Thats my plan
  22. Cockpit Rig

    My desk was free from my aunt and uncle years and years ago and is highly modified lol. It used to have a top but I removed it and made shelving out of it. Then I put holes in it for my DIY HOTAS mounting. Then I cut a huge chunk out of the middle leg right under the top to mount a Furman power conditioner, and finally mounted casters to it so I can roll it to the proper listening position in my room for audio mixing. Oh I also hard mounted a USB hub to the left side. I should clean it up and do a setup update in that tread we used to post to. It also looks a bit weird here since I pulled the main monitor all the way to the front edge for use with the rig. I have been trying to find a new desk but can't find one that I like or one that will do all the things I want it to do. I kind of want to build my own but need to do some research and come up with a design.
  23. Cockpit Rig

    I am amazed at how nice your setup is, pre this rig aswell, and how janky/cheap your desk is
  24. Cockpit Rig

    Got the rig set up last night and played some Dirt Rally. Getting in and out of the rig is pretty easy but with your chair attached you have to be a bit careful not to hit you knee on the steering wheel post. Packaging was great with plenty of protection and setup was super easy. Attaching the chair was easy as well. The casters came out easily and slid right onto the rig and vice versa. The rig was $150 shipped on Massdrop. It's on Arozzi's site now for $200 and comes in Black, Red, or White. Only issue I had was that it was missing one of the 8 feet on the bottom. I emailed Arozzi and they got one sent out with no issues. I was worried that the pole the holds the steering wheel wouldn't be very solid but it actually works very well. I also thought that it being a center pole it may bug my knees when working pedals but I didn't even notice it while racing. Although the way Dirt Rally sets up I can't use heal toe braking unless I have an actual H pattern shifter as the clutch wants to work as a sequential gearbox with paddle shifters. So it's possible the pole could interfere with that but I think it will be fine. The plate for the pedals is also very solid with no noticeable movement even with my stiff progressive brake pedal. I can't wait to get a Vive pro some day and try it out with this. Here is a pic with just my racing setup (don't mind the mess and unfinished floor. Hoping to finally finish my floor this year.) As for using this with a flight rig, you could completely remove the steering wheel post or mount a board to the plate to put a keyboard and mouse on. With the shifter plate installed the joystick sits in a comfortable position, which was another worry I had since you can't move it forward or back. Arrozi said they will be adding an accessory kit to add a second shifter plate so that the rig can be used for HOTAS setups. I'm curious as to how they will do it though as it doesn't seem built to do it now and if there were a bar on both sides it would be difficult to get in and our of the rig. Here's a couple pics with the shifter plate installed and the joystick sitting on the shifter plate in one. (don't mind the 2x4 on the bottom of the joystick. That's part of my DIY desk mount and I have to take the joystick apart to take it off.)
  25. 2018 Ships Status Listing

    Currently: Aegis Avenger Stalker Moving to: Drake Cutlass Red
  26. WHO?

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