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  2. Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    No worries. Been off more then on myself.
  3. Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    I moved in mid April and am really only just now getting back into things.
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  5. Paladins

    Viciousdelicious is a staunch supporter of this game.
  6. Paladins

    Hi people, Some of us know of this free Steam MOBA game (similar to Overwatch), but I couldn't find a casual forum page, so I thought I'd give a shout out to see if anyone's playing. Paladins seems to have a healthy content flow going and I've been playing solo a while. If you're interested in gaming with me a few GMT evenings/nights a week, please post here so we can team up. :D New players are invited to use the referral link below. Sure, I'll get a few perks, but you'll get extra in-game currency too. :P http://www.paladins.com/play-for-free?ref=Nivthulan In any case, Happy Gaming! :D ~Nivie
  7. just in case anybody still plays

    I'm going to be dipping my toes into the water again someday soon. Just letting folks know. They now have a subscription model instead of purchasing content packages now I hear so I may check that out later in the year, but I'll probably be refreshing my knowledge of the f2p content. Hoping my apartment is still there. xD
  8. Fallout 76

    OoooO!!!! I actually have a platform I can play this on since my roomies bought a PS4! :O I've been kinda starved for a non-fantasy game for a while now, especially one I can play with you guys! :D I haven't played a fallout game through since Fallout 3 (which, tbh I didn't finish cos the colour palette started really getting to me, sorrryYyyYY! But, I did play a lot and explore a ton.). I started on New Vegas ages back, but my game bugged out. :( Didn't have a machine to try again or play Fallout 4 'til it got really late in the game. :P That's the extent of my Fallout baggage. :D I've always thought good things about the franchise as a whole and I love post-apocalypse stuff as a genre, though not necessarily for the zombies. Anyway, I'll definitely have my eyes on this! ;) p.s. My main issue will be negotiating gaming times seeing as the PS4 isn't mine and it's sort of in a communal space so I'm not sure how late I can stay up with my GMT timezone for guilding and building. ^^;
  9. I dared not awaken the wrath of The Admin !
  10. Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    No worries Niv. ;)
  11. Oh, I see what you did there! Well played and bravo :D
  12. Did you sort it into alphabetical order? I hear Waylain gets scratchy about that sort of thing...
  13. You should name the channel Fishy Friday. Ok, I did.
  14. I also took the liberty of creating an APB: Reloaded audio channel on the Discord server if we decide to take the plunge :)
  15. Wellllll..... ummmm... how to put this. I've been pootling around in Fight Club a little bit. While the first Saturday afternoon was pleasant, let's just say that as LO unban cheaters etc, the game has been getting.... welll... fishier than a fish market on a Friday. I would suggest giving things a few weeks to get Battleye working properly (and banning cheats) and to let them have a chance to solve the continuing DDOS attacks on the game servers. Right now it's not all that fun again unfortunately. That said I might be up for a group in mid July if anyone wants to try anyway? Just want to give LO a chance to bed in and try to sort things out first.
  16. Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    I've been a little more active lately, but most of the time you'll find me on when new content has been released. I tend to game from around GMT 11pm onwards, but not regular days. (BST/GMT+1 atm cos of summer time shift.) Unhelpful, I know. Sorry! ^^;
  17. I miiiiiiight have reinstalled APB. Hit me up on Discord if anyone wants to hang out and shoot some crims.
  18. Rate the last movie you watched

    Mad Max, Mad Max 2 and.... yes... Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome. Yes, these old films! They were available with Amazon Prime and my other half pays for it, so I thought why not? Mad Max: WOW this has dated! I thought it would be intriguing to see how the apocalypse played out, but it was barely acknowledged. It could almost be a film about a long forgotten American mid-west county, with a lot more desert and a really, really incompetent sheriff. I thought the violent death of the gang towards the end was less shocking than the murders and rapes they committed, so that's obvs not good. Loses points for basic sadism (Moose's fate, Max's wife and kid) in dubious circumstances; and not sure Lawyers would really hold sway in a true apocalypse. Those with guns hold sway. 4/10 Mad Max 2: Watchable! Clearly the modern remake, Fury Road, was based on this (with elements of the War Boys coming from the third movie). Still didn't bother to really show or explain it's been a nuclear war. The World War 2 footage was anachronistic. In the early 80s, there were tons of films trying to show the horrors of a nuclear apocalypse - e.g. Threads in the UK - and those films were far more terrifying. Who really can afford this much petrol when oil pumps and refineries are almost gone? There's simply none spare for doughnuts, raiders! 7/10 Mad Max 3: TINA TURNER! Well, she's slightly better at acting than Madonna, slightly, so yeah, I'll forgive her in this. Better attempt at morality plays, and clearly what the Falllout series was based on. Not sure where all the BDSM gear was sourced from: do Australlians go for that in a big way? Is leather a great choice in a scorching desert wasteland? If a big nuke was heading my way, I'm not sure I'd stop off to change into my jockstrap, cut the bum out of some leather trousers and put them on. They do at least acknowledge there's been a nuclear war and try to narrate it, but it's still a bit flat. Towards the end, I'd say it would definitely be inadvisable to settle in the nuked remains of Sydney for various and plentiful reasons. And where on Earth did Max get a portable geiger counter from? 7/10 if you suspend brain.
  19. Miss you too, my friend. I went digging on a hunch and... yes... sure enough, very nearly 5 years ago, you won our Run Le Sponge event - which was pretty much my entire highlight of playing APB: Reloaded
  20. Fallout 76

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the release is. I wasn't a fan of Fallout 4. Much more interested in this with the multiplayer.
  21. Little Orbit acquires Gamers First and by extension, APB: Reloaded

    I miss you guys. =(
  22. https://discord.gg/z6cVVsN
  23. er guys where can I find the link to the discord settings. email is mikesnyder2@twc.com
  24. True on both counts :D It's entirely possible Little Orbit are being completely sincere, but have little idea about the scale of the task ahead of them. I admit that I don't really see how you can make money out of APB while it remains a free to play at the very least. At least a modest fee to "pay to play" - say £10 for an account, throw in some free premium and bits for the first month - coupled with a more reasonable cash shop might work, but in the long run it has to bring enough funds in to actually support developing new content, mission modes, keeping up with the anti-cheat, and so on.
  25. Fallout 76

    I saw this news recently (about Fallout 76 having no human NPCs and being multiplayer, not the cat murder!). The Fallout playerbase is split about this news and I admit ... so am I. To me the "good old" Fallout series is a single player RPG with potential co-op multiplayer elements - not really what is being sold here. While I enjoyed and finished Fallout 4, I found it to be the weakest of the games I've tried: the story seemed diluted and the base building, while fun at first, didn't have any real depth or meaning to it. Are they trying to do an ARK style survival game, rather than deep RPG? I think I'll be in "wait and see" mode on this one. Of course, nuking evil cat eaters sounds like Wasteland justice to me, but not sure you can build a whole game on that premise :P
  26. Fallout 76

    If ricky comes there might be a problem on our hands. you can eat cats that's right with the end game getting nukes I can see Ricky going on a murderous rampaging dexter moment in a post apoplectic waste land. lol iv hardly been gaming and still haven't found Shawn in fall out 4 yet and I bought that game on release, so I promised my self with my last breath of fanboidom the next fallout game ill be giving a lot of time with. good thing is I have no expectations towards this game so wont be disappointed. however wondering with base building there is a economy mechanic, so we can trade and build a market, a power armour chopshop or just be A hole raiders. It releases in Nov, so will be keeping tabs with updates and getting pre order asap.
  27. Fallout 76

    What kind of throwing bricks do they have in Fallout games? Half, Quarter, Full House? On a serious note (yes, I do these too sometimes) I did like the idea of the open world bit in the announcement, and if I have gaming time in my life on release I'll probably come join you :) Ricky will only come if there are tameable cats.
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