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  2. Any Sim Racers here?

    Now that we have joined with the 57th I'm curious if we have any sim racers here. I have recently got back into iRacing after a 6 month break. Would be cool to have some folks to race with.
  3. Fallout 76

    I recently put in my preorder with amazon (wanted the 20% discount that is going away), and will give the game a shake, so I'll be glad to jump in with you guys.
  4. Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    I'm in the same boat as Atlas, I'm online and playing games, but I've been playing with some coworker-friends lately. We've been in WarFrame, and Grimdawn. I want to play with you guys, but I'm having the same trouble as Zeus, lack of people to play with and, at least for me, distrust of PUG's for Raids and other endgame content. I tried to get my other friends into the game, but it's not really been successful. That being said I live on discord, so ping me if you see me, and I'd be glad to jump in when I can. My Saturday and Sunday afternoons are generally clear, but for weekdays I normally don't get home from work until about 6pm Pacific.
  5. Football season is coming

    I'm in!
  6. 57th Midnight Squadron Fantasy Football

    So far we have 8 people signed up to play this year. If anyone wants in let me know.
  7. hey everyone, Just a note that we are still running the 57th Squadron Fantasy football site for anyone that wants to play. You can let me know and we will get you an invite. http://www58.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/33328#0 Can email jaylmurphy@yahoo.com or Kahn at adanielski@msn.com Check it out and let us know, Jay (Zeus)
  8. 57th Midnight Squadron Fantasy Football

    I actually just posted the link over to the discord about an hour ago @Zahadoom so we should have some bites soon. I missed it for a few days
  9. 57th Midnight Squadron Fantasy Football

    Anyone seeing any of this?
  10. Football season is coming

    Count me in again :)
  11. Football season is coming

    One thing for sure, cav going to lose to me again.
  12. I still do not have internet at my home but it is a work in progress. Kahn will run the league again this year. The site was paid for and posted this morning... my apologies for my late response. http://www58.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/33328#0
  13. Football season is coming

    Guess I have to defend my title.
  14. Rate the last movie you watched

    Ready Player One 2/10 I "read" the book (audio book). What a massive disappointment. I could barely bring myself to finish the movie.
  15. Cannot wait for fantasy football.
  16. Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    Yes, hello (is this thing on?...taps mic) So...I finally decided to bother getting back on our website. Apologies for not being around. I am currently on a hiatus from GW2 and not sure when I'll be back. Was going pretty hard there for a few months leading up to the last update, finishing Nevermore and working on Aurora. Plus I'm super into Warframe right now so other than the occasionally hearthstone match, thats all I'm focusing my gaming time on right now. I'm usually around most evenings from 8-11 EST so hit me up on discord if you want to chat or hang out.
  17. Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    No worries. Been off more then on myself.
  18. Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    I moved in mid April and am really only just now getting back into things.
  19. Paladins

    Viciousdelicious is a staunch supporter of this game.
  20. Paladins

    Hi people, Some of us know of this free Steam MOBA game (similar to Overwatch), but I couldn't find a casual forum page, so I thought I'd give a shout out to see if anyone's playing. Paladins seems to have a healthy content flow going and I've been playing solo a while. If you're interested in gaming with me a few GMT evenings/nights a week, please post here so we can team up. :D New players are invited to use the referral link below. Sure, I'll get a few perks, but you'll get extra in-game currency too. :P http://www.paladins.com/play-for-free?ref=Nivthulan In any case, Happy Gaming! :D ~Nivie
  21. just in case anybody still plays

    I'm going to be dipping my toes into the water again someday soon. Just letting folks know. They now have a subscription model instead of purchasing content packages now I hear so I may check that out later in the year, but I'll probably be refreshing my knowledge of the f2p content. Hoping my apartment is still there. xD
  22. Fallout 76

    OoooO!!!! I actually have a platform I can play this on since my roomies bought a PS4! :O I've been kinda starved for a non-fantasy game for a while now, especially one I can play with you guys! :D I haven't played a fallout game through since Fallout 3 (which, tbh I didn't finish cos the colour palette started really getting to me, sorrryYyyYY! But, I did play a lot and explore a ton.). I started on New Vegas ages back, but my game bugged out. :( Didn't have a machine to try again or play Fallout 4 'til it got really late in the game. :P That's the extent of my Fallout baggage. :D I've always thought good things about the franchise as a whole and I love post-apocalypse stuff as a genre, though not necessarily for the zombies. Anyway, I'll definitely have my eyes on this! ;) p.s. My main issue will be negotiating gaming times seeing as the PS4 isn't mine and it's sort of in a communal space so I'm not sure how late I can stay up with my GMT timezone for guilding and building. ^^;
  23. I dared not awaken the wrath of The Admin !
  24. Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    No worries Niv. ;)
  25. Oh, I see what you did there! Well played and bravo :D
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