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The website is back to basic functionality. Please stick to only posting and using the forums at this time.

Current known issues and our primary focus, in no particular order

- Posting hangs when submitting new topic, but replies work(and so do edits)
 Posting no longer hangs, but login and posting takes 15-25 sec to complete
- Emoticons not linking
- Rank display on Profiles
- Broken image links on Profile Avatars (you may just need to re-upload your avatar)
- Donation button
- Application process  APPLICATION IS GOOD TO GO!
- Awards (System needs completely restructured from the ground up and will take a while)

Thank you


State of the Clan Wrap Up

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Ok so here we go. Thank you everyone who was able to make it to the meeting. The recording is embed below, so people can catch up, but I will list the things that we went over. 


First of all was the merger and the state of the union. It is STRONG

We are currently working to develop a new logo (temp one above). Once this is done there will a big update to the look and feel of the website, no content or user data will be lost, but the website will be cleaner and quicker as a result. I expect to complete this task by Jan. 1

If you have any questions about that or ideas or suggestions for the new logo, feel free to pm me on here or our discord




We urge everyone to use discord when playing a game and to just be a bigger part of the community, discord is great for discussions or grouping up in a game. With new features that discord is rolling out with their game tracking, the tool is becoming an even better tool for our community


This holiday season we are rolling out 2 new experiences for 57th MS members to participate in. 


Our Secret Santa Gift Exchange signups are now live at http://bit.ly/ms2017santa . The signups will be live until 12/8/2017 and matches will be assigned 12/9. Participates will need to ship by 12/18/17. EVERYONE WILL RECEIVE A GIFT IF THEY SIGN UP.


As well our Holiday Card Exchange is now live as well at http://bit.ly/ms2017cards . The signups will be live until 12/8/2017 and then the lists will be emailed to everyone on 12/9.


It is important to remember that these are 100% optional and by no means mandatory. So no need to feel pressure if this is beyond your current means.


And now, the meeting recording ...


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Thanks for uploading the meeting! :) Sorry again, for not being present. :/


Oooo, Happy Birthday MS! :D

I'm looking forward to seeing the new 57th MS Logo. :O

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