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    Been a while since I have posted here but I will give it a try. This week I am able to be back playing again and to my surprise I find Stilgar, AgentJLM and Ferrett, have been busy with the game Insurgency - Sandstorm. This is a Steam based, first person shooter newly released. Yes it has a few glitches but overall a good place to sit and spend a few hours of game play. We now have up to four servers. Server are 57th - Central based in Dallas, 57th - North based in Chicago, 57th - West based in Los Angeles and the 4th server I personally have not seen yet and do not have the name but Stilgar assures me it is there :). Guys, catch this game on steam and if able jump in join us. All you need do is once in the game, do a server search and you will find the 57th servers to be amoung the busiest in the server list. Also, catch us in discord and ask any questions needed.