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The Beginning

“MS is about QUALITY, members are encouraged to step up; And believe me, it’s always appreciated because not one person, not one group makes Midnight Squadron great, but all of us.”

Midnight Squadron (MS) was founded on November 18, 1995 by Capm and Tire for the purpose of creating an organized & experienced Descent clan. Engage Games Online *BETA* was the location for our beginning. We played several games together in the first year until in 1996, when Descent 2 came about. At that point we became a multi-game clan. Later in 1998, a game called Tribes came out and MS met the 57th Squadron there led by Zahadoom.

They were a like minded group of individuals and we saw our equals in them. The leadership then decided to merge the two separate divisions to become one, 57th Midnight Squadron. Eventually with heavy hearts the merger between the two clans Midnight Squadron and 57th Squadron, was dissolved on August 25, 2009.

"A place where people can share their love and enthusiasm for gaming can gather."

Midnight Squadron Design Studio

"Midnight Squadron means to me a close-knit honor-driven cohesive family that is willing to die for each other for the greater good. Die rather than Dishonor or Betray their Brothers and Sisters!"

MS saw the formation of the Midnight Squadron Design Studios (MSDS) and a total revamp to what was the foundation of our current command structure, which was based largely on existing real life Military Code, which included the creation of the rank/award graphics that is still used to this day. During the 2000 year aswell, MSDS took an attempt at brokering the purchase of the rights to Total Annihilation for Chris Taylor (who, after our failure, went on to re-invent his game under the name Supreme Commander). On September 26, 2000 after Descent 4 (D4) was initially cancelled, MSDS commenced development of a sequel based on the open-source Unreal 3D engine. The game was to be called Descent IV: Invasion and it was to be distributed online after completion.

MS received permission to develop the sequel, provided the completed game was to be released at no profit. D4 Development started in May 2001. February 2002, Valin transferred the development to Orbital Design Studios, although the rights and permission were still held by MS. However in April of 2002, Orbital Design was issued a cease-and-desist order by Interplay/THQ, who is now in possession of the rights to the DescentIP. After that, MSDS began to rebuild and plan in late 2003 on Project Vertigo.

Eventually, due to manpower shortage, Capm closed the doors on MSDS.

The In-Between years

“Of course! Anyone may join if they prove to be MS quality! MS quality doesn’t mean the best at the game or the most hardcore; it means you’re respectful to your fellow gamers. You have a willingness to teach newcomers as well as learn from experienced members. In MS we don’t demand any respect, we offers ours freely and expect it to be returned. Any approved cadet will notice that from day one he/she is greeted with friendliness, and as long as you approve of our ways and respect our members, you too can be part of our family.”

Over the years, Midnight Squadron has been involved in dozens of games. Below you will find the short list of games that we have been active in during our years of service.

In no particular order: Descent, Tribes, Counterstrike, Battlefield, Americas Army, Guild Wars, Eve-Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Planetside, StarGate Worlds (We were in the beta, so we are counting it, even tho the game never launched), Battlefield Heroes, World of Warcraft, Legions, Star Trek Online, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Battlefield 3, All Points Bulletin: Reloaded (As well as the first version of this game as-well), Star Wars: The Old Republic, War Thunder, SMITE, Star Trek: Online, Star Citizen, and many more to come

The Reunification

"We spend time with each other every day, together we laugh, argue, have fun... Call me crazy, but for me - that's family."

In 2017, after 8 years of seperation Zahadoom and Capm sat down and started talking. Very quickly it was apparent of mistakes were made in the past and the idea of reunifying was brought up. After a short deliberation and a uninamous decision by both Senior Commands, the decision was reunify. The announcement was made and the resources and talent of both were once again under one roof, where they belong.

Current years

"MS for me is a place where you can have fun, with people so distant from you yet they feel like family."

Today, 57th Midnight Squadron is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, gaming guilds in history. We have a long and rich history through dozens of games, a legacy that obliges the current and future generations of our guild mates. Our focus is to always stay the same-dedication to our family atmosphere, strong community, and our founding principles. Currently present in many contemporary MMO's, we pride ourselves on our honorable principles, and a disciplined military like organization, that both allow and keep safe a family atmosphere among its members. We have a Hybrid Military-Style Command Structure that helps to maintain order but is very flexible and has been developed from the years of experience we have acquired. Our team has always be based on our core values of Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Respect, Maturity, and of course, having Fun! Only through this dedication are we able to achieve excellence in gaming and richness in our relationships.

We do have requirements for joining, but we offer even more in return. We offer you a legacy, an inspiration, a safe home away from home, and victory in gaming. Would you like to be a part of such a lineage?

Special Thanks goes to Weazel37 for compiling this information into one spot. Updated with new content in 2018.


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