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  1. 57th Midnight Squadron Fantasy Football

    I actually just posted the link over to the discord about an hour ago @Zahadoom so we should have some bites soon. I missed it for a few days
  2. Pantropy Alpha Keys

    I am all in on this, will be sending it in asap Thanks @AgentJLM for doing this!
  3. The merging is complete!

    I just realized @Cler1c that that is the wrong logo, the current one the midnight and squadron are right justified and lined up
  4. Does anybody read these anymore

    tons of youtube videos, its pretty easy when you get in and play with it
  5. Does anybody read these anymore

    Hey Doc, make sure to jump on our discord! I posted the link in that other thread
  6. Does anybody read these anymore

    We can get you hooked up with your old profile aswell. I will look and see what email is attached to it and see if you still have it
  7. Hey Doc! Good to see you back, we are somewhat active on the forums, trying to make it even more so this year, our discord is where we do a ton of talking, its our new TS, join up at https://discord.gg/z6cVVsN
  8. Does anybody read these anymore

    Yep! Docheals?
  9. The merging is complete!

    Yes, but this is may not be the final. Its close tho and what we have for now
  10. The merging is complete!

    The website is back up, and the leadership at the bottom needs to be updated
  11. WHO?

    I have set him back
  12. PSN Tags

    Updated again
  13. Cockpit Rig

    I built my own top and then you can buy the frame, adjustable, from ikea or amazon or whatever. Thats my plan
  14. Cockpit Rig

    I am amazed at how nice your setup is, pre this rig aswell, and how janky/cheap your desk is
  15. Announcing Unnamed Gaming

    PC only at this time