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  1. Lignum

    Apex Legends

    If you played alone (well, with randos) then I would say yeah, not so fun. As far as BRs go Apex is the best if you have people. Otherwise nah to any of them for me. I played mostly on PC and a little bit on Xbox. I could try on PS4 but if it's anything like on the Xbox I was way worse than on PC (which is already bad).
  2. Lignum

    Apex Legends

    I played it some with a couple of the folks. I am TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE, but it's the only fun I've ever really had playing a Battle Royale game. I'd be down to play sometime. You know where to find me :P
  3. Lignum

    Cockpit Rig

    I, too, have a space problem. Very tempting... I wonder if my chair would work with it...
  4. Lignum


    Yeah I've learned that. I like to support.
  5. Lignum


    I finally played I ... didn't do so hot? Only played the three "proving grounds" missions and one PvP game.
  6. Lignum


    *drools* i want to play D:
  7. Lignum


    Y'all are killing me. I've had this thing download for... 15 days and I haven't even started it. I'm terrible.
  8. Lignum


    I'm downloading it. Not sure when I'll really have a chance to give it a go, but I'm gonna get it ready just in case.
  9. Lignum


    Looks neat. I'll look at it
  10. Lignum

    Roll call

    Same here.
  11. Lignum

    RANKING Star Trek TV Shows

    SG-1 Atlantis TNG TOS... Wait... I think I've gotten a tad mixed up
  12. Lignum

    The game I always wanted to play

    yeah. I've been getting updates from the indiegogo thing since I put a little money in. I'm interested but I haven't really been paying attention as I don't know when it'll really be done.
  13. Lignum

    Forza Horizon 3

    Same. I wanna, but $60 is a bit much atm. I have no doubt it's worth it, but eh... if only I could get it using discounts that I have through different shops, but not at the moment.
  14. I really want to play it again and experience it all, but I've been so all over the place I can never manage to get to it.