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  1. How many are willing to dedicate at least 10 years to a Dynasty Style format of Fantasy Football?
  2. Cav

    Does anybody read these anymore

    BTW, these forums hardly get used lol
  3. Cav

    Does anybody read these anymore

    Hey Robert, how are you?
  4. Cav

    Need Volunteers

    No...bunch of flour holes :p
  5. Cav

    Need Volunteers

    Some of you may know my friends and I started up a Fantasy Football/General Football website up and specializing in the Dynasty style of Fantasy Football. In any case, I am wanting to do a mock draft but I want people to draft for their team rather than me doing my own Mock Drat (which I have lol). In any case, Weazel is going to represent the Broncos, Kahn will represent the 49ers. Just need other people for the other teams.
  6. Some of you know my friends and I started a Fantasy/Dynasty Football website and we are all noobs on podcasting thus our crappy engineering lol. But we want to have a guy on from another location. We tried that and we use a Sound board into a Laptop and it recorded him on one and our voices on another. like it split it in 3 programs. its also sounds watery and popping (which could be a plug issue). But what is a good program to use for that, or how do we have a better recording in general? We use Audacity but Audacity did not work.
  7. Cav


    Whats up METAL!!!! Good to see you stop by!!!
  8. Cav


    I sent friend requests to Tremere and Laloric. AricCaven
  9. Cav


    Ive been busy and not been on much but post days and times
  10. Cav


    Ive been playing the Fulgora, the Corvette class. Got Light Cloak and with 2 guys working together, you can dominate!!! I got 3 kills with my lil Vette. Took out a healer and 2 Arty Cruisers. I fired Goliath, hit scrambler pulse, took out the Healer with a few shots and the Goliath and then took out the next Arty Cruiser. The 3rd Arty Cruiser was doing nothing to stop me so I fired away at him!!
  11. Cav


    WE WERE? Same team? Or did you blow me up lol?
  12. Cav


    I sent you a request, anyone else?
  13. Cav

    Anyone playing?

    Im not sure who can add to the 57th Midnight Squadron Fleet. Capm can I think, he added me
  14. Cav


    The dang Koschei tac cruiser is indestructible and frustrating as all hell on how powerful it heals. i had a guy down to about 20% and in no time it went back up to 100% even as I was firing at it still. The thing is a tank, WAY overpowered
  15. Cav


    In game name? Im AricCaven