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  1. Laloric

    Patch 3.6, anyone playing?

    I was out of town last weekend, and I have house guests this weekend, but if we can put up some times we might be able to get together I'll be down, I have some of the larger ships to play with and I want to get the Hammerhead out and see what happens.
  2. Laloric

    Patch 3.6, anyone playing?

    Cool, lets see if we can get some people together after the weekend then?
  3. Laloric

    Patch 3.6, anyone playing?

    I just got 3.6 loaded up and started flying again, seems like they have alot of the 3.3 kinks out that caused me to stop playing (all the crashing... to desktop...). Is anyone else trooling around in this version? I have a hammerhead I'd like to crew up and wax pirates with.
  4. Laloric

    ATTN 57th Squadron Star Citizen Players

    I'd get a good look at the controls, they have changed so much in the last year or so that its a whole new setup. Other than that hopefully we will be looking at a playable release into permanent servers soon ™
  5. Laloric

    ATTN 57th Squadron Star Citizen Players

    We still have 10 open invites, just pending them accepting. Other than that I don't know how many we should expect but it looks like we have about 4 57th members now, strictly by the numbers.
  6. Laloric

    Fighter Recommendations

    Worth noting that of the above listed only the Mil Spec Super Hornet is a dual seat fighter. I have the Sabre, prefer it over the Hornet solely based on looks as I'm quite bad at dog fighting on my current setup. I have been paying more attention to the cutlass black again, but I haven't tried to dogfight it.
  7. Laloric


    I'm free most weekdays after 8:30 EST and I can be available on weekends if I can get a little notice
  8. Laloric

    Announcing Unnamed Gaming

    plan on console only?
  9. Laloric


    Sorry guys I finally got my house set up for stable internets, I'll play with you. Laloric is the name
  10. Laloric

    2018 Ships Status Listing

    Below is a listing of the Fleet Ships by Pilot, please post below and I will update the listing monthly!
  11. Laloric

    Winter 2016 Ships Accounting!

    Going to close and restart a new thread, I'll migrate the data here to that one to start.
  12. Laloric

    ATTN 57th Squadron Star Citizen Players

    Carth, post a screen shot of the members list and we can invite from that
  13. Laloric

    3.0 to PTU!

    I lag so bad I'm barely able to select a ship, then I lock up and crash out on the landing pad...
  14. Laloric

    Aegis Hammerhead

    I regret losing my DUR, so I have a ticket in to reset my exp pack and I'll hammerhead on a standalone in the last days of the sale if they grant it. If not I'll unmelt a lancer later.
  15. Laloric

    Aegis Hammerhead

    lol, in that particular pack.