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  1. Found this today (it's from April 2019). A good analysis. And brought back some good memories as well, heh.
  2. Cler1c


    Never forgotten! I also had the privilege of meeting him upon his return to the guild, just before his final leave. *Salutes*
  3. Welcome back Doc! Sorry to hear of your loss, friend. I hope to see you on the discord channel! C.
  4. Cler1c

    Amazon New World Alpha

    Oh they've closed down the link by closing the alpha period. Good call, Rexus C.
  5. Cler1c

    Amazon New World Alpha

    Come on, now, TSWers. I brought at least a dozen of you into this family. Stop lurking, come to the sunlight and let's sign up. Website: https://www.newworld.com/ Update: Alpha closed for now. C.
  6. Cler1c


    Thanks, Nivie. :) That would be fine, indeed. Let's hope for the best! C.
  7. Cler1c

    Guess who finally got his shirt in.

    I would order one with the founders signature please.
  8. Cler1c


    Ladies, gentlemen....*nods* A short update on this matter: the game is still in that developer limbo as it seems, but things are progressing (albeit slowly). Guild recruitment is in a figurative swamp, as all the bigger players have last posted (together with our thread) somewhere around last year and the activity is close to minimal. I will, as always, keep an eye on this matter and will start posting to our thread as we have our forums back online in full colors. Have to warn you though. I am cursed. Every MMO game in the past 4 years I have invested pre-launch has failed. I have also invested into this one. Until another time, C.
  9. Cler1c

    New Division Logos

    Thanks for the hard work W.
  10. Cler1c

    The merging is complete!

    Roger, roger!
  11. Cler1c

    The merging is complete!

    Cool. Where can I find that one? 'cause this is one I took from the header.
  12. Cler1c

    Does anybody read these anymore

    We sure do Doc. :) Nice to have you back. :)
  13. Cler1c

    The merging is complete!

    Updated. Sadly, my previously meticulously chosen pictures have gone down the drain. Picked the best I could muster in this short time. Will try to recover those from before though. C.
  14. Cler1c

    The merging is complete!

    I would update the guild name as well and other descriptors including a brief update on the merging. (Which would be included in the short guild history to provide users with the explanation) Can I use this new logo for the thread?