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  1. Hi guys, Just thought I'd post this here in case anyone missed the Anet e-mail/news. If you login to GW2 during the dates listed, and you missed some of the playable content, you can get some free! :D https://www.guildwars2.com/en-gb/news/welcome-back-to-guild-wars-2/ Enjoy! ~Nivie
  2. Wow my brain had such a great nostalgia trip watching this. :O Loved the concepts within the game but it did have some clunky gameplay mechanics. Still I loved the atmosphere, environments, customisation, realism, modernity, innovation, supernatural elements, SUPER POWERS!!!!... so many things I loved to bits! You know what I want to see, Dreamfall or TLJ Online from Ragnar Tornquist :P *sigh* One can dream.
  3. Nivthulan

    Apex Legends

    I did alright I guess. Focused on healing squad and not getting dead, got a few kills, but I just wanted more to be happening across such a large map (more objectives? I dunno) and collecting random gear as you go annoys me. :P I loved the environment/aesthetics and gameplay mechanics as a whole. They did a good job there. If my aim was better and I was less of a soloer I'd like the whole gameplay experience much more. :P
  4. Nivthulan

    Apex Legends

    Hmmm, so I shook a leg in there the other day and had some fun, but it's not quite what I'm looking for in a game at the mo. :) I may have another go at a battle royale game in the future though. I can see why people enjoy them.
  5. Nivthulan

    Apex Legends

    Ooooo, that's encouraging! Yeah, I don't hold much hope for me being good at a PS4 shooter. My meagre fps skills are all PC-based and I tend to stick to RPGs on consoles. :P In fact... this may be the first fps I try on console!! :O No wait, I've dipped my toes into the Rainbow Six, and CoD franchises on X360, but I was a wuss, so stuck to the solo campaigns (shutup!). So yeah, if you think you're bad, I dread to think what I'll be like in there. What drew me to it over other battle royales is players having different abilities/specialisms, not just luck-of-the-draw with what gear you find in the map. Yay for added strategy.
  6. Nivthulan

    Apex Legends

    Hi people, I was just wondering, is anyone playing this? (Couldn't find it on a forum search.) I'm thinking of downloading it onto the PS4 I share with my brothers. It's likely because of my awkward GMT/BST timezone and other people using the PS4, etc., I won't be able to play with 57thMS people much, but just wanted to flag it up as a potential game clan people might want to check out together. Fresh, 2019, F2P battle royale game; mechanics and graphics look decent imo; plus customisation options (I'm guessing that's where money might get spent). I appreciate the slightly more serious/realistic feel to it compared to Fortnite (which has a cartoonyness about it), while still having a lot of visual appeal (for me anyway...I'm all about vibrant greens and overgrown manmade structures). Like a cross between PUBG and Fortnite while bringing something new to the field? I dunno *shrug* I'm an FPS veteran who's skills have dulled with age and lack of practise, yet I still want to have a go from time to time. Plus I'm aiming for F2P at the moment (or I would be checking out Division 2 where the peoples are at). ;) Anywhoooo, I'll likely check it out some time this week. Trailer below. Bye for now. :D Nivie
  7. Nivthulan

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Hahaha! I still have my eye on it. Not sure if/when I'd get to play with people though (baaaah me and my awkward timezone!)
  8. Nivthulan


    Greetings Cleric! *salutes* Well met! It has been many moons since we last spoke, I trust you are well, sir. :D I too have been cursed, lol! Here's to hoping something works out in the not too distant future so we can game together again. :) Nivie ^^
  9. Nivthulan

    New Division Logos

    Nice!!! :D
  10. Nivthulan


    Hi people, Some of us know of this free Steam MOBA game (similar to Overwatch), but I couldn't find a casual forum page, so I thought I'd give a shout out to see if anyone's playing. Paladins seems to have a healthy content flow going and I've been playing solo a while. If you're interested in gaming with me a few GMT evenings/nights a week, please post here so we can team up. :D New players are invited to use the referral link below. Sure, I'll get a few perks, but you'll get extra in-game currency too. :P http://www.paladins.com/play-for-free?ref=Nivthulan In any case, Happy Gaming! :D ~Nivie
  11. Nivthulan

    just in case anybody still plays

    I'm going to be dipping my toes into the water again someday soon. Just letting folks know. They now have a subscription model instead of purchasing content packages now I hear so I may check that out later in the year, but I'll probably be refreshing my knowledge of the f2p content. Hoping my apartment is still there. xD
  12. Nivthulan

    Fallout 76

    OoooO!!!! I actually have a platform I can play this on since my roomies bought a PS4! :O I've been kinda starved for a non-fantasy game for a while now, especially one I can play with you guys! :D I haven't played a fallout game through since Fallout 3 (which, tbh I didn't finish cos the colour palette started really getting to me, sorrryYyyYY! But, I did play a lot and explore a ton.). I started on New Vegas ages back, but my game bugged out. :( Didn't have a machine to try again or play Fallout 4 'til it got really late in the game. :P That's the extent of my Fallout baggage. :D I've always thought good things about the franchise as a whole and I love post-apocalypse stuff as a genre, though not necessarily for the zombies. Anyway, I'll definitely have my eyes on this! ;) p.s. My main issue will be negotiating gaming times seeing as the PS4 isn't mine and it's sort of in a communal space so I'm not sure how late I can stay up with my GMT timezone for guilding and building. ^^;
  13. Nivthulan

    Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    I've been a little more active lately, but most of the time you'll find me on when new content has been released. I tend to game from around GMT 11pm onwards, but not regular days. (BST/GMT+1 atm cos of summer time shift.) Unhelpful, I know. Sorry! ^^;
  14. Nivthulan

    Secret Santa Gifts

    Yay, thank you Santa! I received a print of a dictionary page overlaid with an illustration from Lewis Carroll's first edition of Alice in Wonderland. :O (Illustration by Sir John Tenniel) Behold, Alice meeting the Chesire Cat: Perfect with me being of the bookish folk, plus a manic cat fan. :3 I also very recently visited a cat cafe with an Alice in Wonderland theme too. So BIG win here! Thank youuuuu! Santa. ^^ Of course I know who you are. :P
  15. Nivthulan

    State of the Clan Wrap Up

    Thanks for uploading the meeting! Sorry again, for not being present. :/ Oooo, Happy Birthday MS! I'm looking forward to seeing the new 57th MS Logo. :O