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  1. Kahn


    He was one of the best mates to have beside you. The real old salt. Not forgotten indeed!
  2. Kahn

    57th Midnight Squadron Fantasy Football

    So far we have 8 people signed up to play this year. If anyone wants in let me know.
  3. Kahn

    Conan Exiles

    Hey Guys - Kahn here! I know a lot of you are into ARK and other survival games. I was at one time playing Conan Exiles everyday, but like things, we gotta spread time to other areas of the world. So I am here to let you guys know that my server is not the 57th Midnight Squadron server. I am currently running a smallish community server with a max of 30 players on at any one point. The server isn't heavily populated either so there is plenty of room to start out and build. If you would like to be an admin on the server, you can message me and I can hook you up with some cool details. The game is still in early access and I am unsure if there is any cross platform play at all between XBOX and PC, but this is a PC server with PVP. I have some things turned up to help you build faster and if you join the server just let me know and I'll send you over a clan invite to help you get access to some much needed items in the guild bank. So here's the info for now. Shoot me a message if you join and want to play. 57th Exiled Hyborian Mounties Connection Info:
  4. Hello Midnight Squadron - it has been a while since I trudged through here. Since I am hitting up all my friends and family I thought I would stop by and share. [url="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/grin/grin-the-unauthorized-biography-of-a-cheshire-cat"]http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/grin/grin-the-unauthorized-biography-of-a-cheshire-cat[/url] I had wrote a book a few years ago and when Kickstarter came around I saw the perfect chance to get my book published. I have gotten quite a few backers already and hope if anyone here wants to help you can do so by spreading the word or pre-ordering my book. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey Oberon... just been playing Rift and hanging out with the kid.

  6. Kahn!!!!! What's up????

  7. *poke* hey bro you need to come on over and have a cold one at my place...Guder is invited too

  8. Kahn

    I wish you all the best.

    [quote name='Rocket' date='17 May 2010 - 07:13 AM' timestamp='1274109217' post='14549'] This isn't an episode of Survivor! :P [/quote] I am gonna start looking for hidden immunity idols in the Pit. Feel free to join me.
  9. Kahn

    I wish you all the best.

    Hey Seraph/ Zero You are always welcome here. In fact we have a spot for you in the BF division. There is no way I or anyone here would even talk about voting you out. If they have it is news to me. You may have a rougness around the edges, but you have stayed true to this clan. Those that poisoned the waters are gone and we must now rebuild our way of life. I urge you to stay and come join the BF division. We play together, yell together, die together, but mostly we have fun together. If there is a problem it is addressed and while you have not been in the BC2 division, there was never any issues in the BFH division. When you were playing there was always a team leader position open for you cause you always took care of the needs of the clan first. I would seriously like you to reconsider bro. This clan is home and if there are those who would rather have you gone then we should all worry cause we have all rubbed people the wrong way.
  10. [center][img]http://www.midnightsquadron.com/forum/ccs_files/bfdivisionlogo.png[/img] There are times in everyones life when they are proud that one of their little ones has grown up and come to be some what of an important figure. Someone who has a lot of time on their hands and someone who others look up to. Since the BF Division went from just BFH to Bad Company 2, many members have come and gone, but there are those who have stuck around and stayed loyal. Lotus001 is one of those members. As the CO of Bad Company Division, I have been without an XO and have been doing a lot of the work to get things moving. I have decided the time for someone to step into the XO roll has come. Mostly because I need someone who I can know will be there and can handle the load of an XO. That is why it is my honor to promote Lotus001 to that roll effective immediately. [size="4"]Lotus001[/size] [size="3"]Battlefield XO[/size] Command Sergeant [img]http://www.midnightsquadron.com/coc/ranks/erank013.jpg[/img] Lotus001 earned this by not only spending copius amounts of time online, but by showing knowledge of leadership, loyalty, Honesty, communication, and dedication to Midnight Squadron and the Battlefield Division. My continuous goal is to build up a support structure for the BF Division and in doing so, the first position to be appointed is that of the Clan Ambassador. The Clan Ambassador is someone who is the face of the Division in other communities. They build relationships with other clans, set up scrims, gather intel for upcoming matches, and help the division garner attention and respect within the community built around the game. Since becoming a part of the BF Division Ikoniak has done just this. He has shown that he can take initiative and bridge Midnight Squadron with other clans building long lasting friendships. That is why it is my honor to bestow upon him the title of Clan Ambassador. This title is mostly a lot of work without any of the perks of command, but a title none the less! [size="4"]Ikoniak[/size] [size="3"]Clan Ambassador[/size] I have several other positions to fill within the divisions, but have simply not gotten the time to get to talk with everyone yet. Please be patient and if anyone feels like they would like to step up and help out in one of the division spots please let me know. Finally... I want to finish up by congratulating the group of 9 that played in our last TWL match with some awards. We won the match 2-0 and had a lot of fun doing it. It was a well fought battle against the 6th Allied Division and they did a great job. All participants will receive the Ace Pin for winning our first TWL ladder match and moving us up to rung 38. Kahn House_fly Poisonsivy Grim Ikoniak Colt Flimz AmericazFinest For being the #1 players in the match last night, I bestow the Marksmanship Award [size="4"]AmericazFinest Grim[/size] [img]http://www.midnightsquadron.com/forum/awards/award_marksmanship.jpg[/img] For enduring the onslaught of not only the enemy, but his own team, I award the Good Conduct pin. [size="4"]HouseFly[/size] [img]http://www.midnightsquadron.com/forum/awards/award_conduct.jpg[/img] That is currently all of the awards I will hand out at this point. I thank everyone who has dedicated time to making this division one of the best divisions Midnight Squadron has to offer.[/center]
  11. Kahn

    Free Games from Steam

    http://www.steamgames.com/nvidia/ Thought I would pass this along. Half Life 2: Deathmatch Half Life 2: Lost Coast Peggle You also get an 11 level demo of Portal. Enjoy
  12. Kahn

    Team Speak Down!!!

    [quote name='Kahn' date='06 April 2010 - 03:13 PM' timestamp='1270595601' post='13307'] Our TS server is down. Anyone know what is happening? We need it to play tonights match. Thanks! [/quote] Saw it came back up. Thanks... now I am banned since it would not let me log in with my password.
  13. Kahn

    Team Speak Down!!!

    Our TS server is down. Anyone know what is happening? We need it to play tonights match. Thanks!
  14. [center][img]http://www.midnightsquadron.com/forum/ccs_files/bfdivisionlogo.png[/img] This has been a busy week and in being so busy I have more announcements and changes to the division. First I would like to congratulate Lotus on being promoted to the position of Team Leader again. He has proven himself time and time again to be an outstanding member that is dedicated to this clan. He was a team leader back when we were just a BFH division and I am pleased to make this announcement again. After a year of service he has been promoted to Gunnery Sergeant as well. Lotus PROMOTION Team Leader [img]http://www.midnightsquadron.com/coc/ranks/erank008a.jpg[/img] I will be evaluating members over the next week and more promotions will be forthcoming. Check here for more announcements.[/center]