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  1. I dared not awaken the wrath of The Admin !
  2. You should name the channel Fishy Friday. Ok, I did.
  3. Konkalot

    Fallout 76

    What kind of throwing bricks do they have in Fallout games? Half, Quarter, Full House? On a serious note (yes, I do these too sometimes) I did like the idea of the open world bit in the announcement, and if I have gaming time in my life on release I'll probably come join you :) Ricky will only come if there are tameable cats.
  4. hmmm, interesting, perhaps there is hope... I still have my doubts about them investing in the game. I suspect still it's a kind of test of their mmo capabilities as a company before they do something else, call my a cynic :) Also, the cat adopted you Ricky, not the other way around.
  5. It did make me chuckle when I got the blog notification this week. Finally, GamersFirst are dead having run their games into the ground over years of broken promises and no investment for APB other than adding 20 different loot boxes to the cash store for $1 a roll - low % chance for weapons that gave clear P2W advantages and broke the game. They'd give it about 3-4 months after each box before 're-balancing' the weapon (read: nerfing it) and then at the same time release the next loot box with the next OP weapon on offer. Rinse, Repeat. Created a P2W loot box cycle which drove all the new players away. I like the admission here that upgrading to the Unreal 4 engine won't actually make it look any different.... oh, and they have ambitions for anti-cheat changes. Hard to see what they can do in a F2P game with almost no revenue coming in to invest back into the game for better anti-cheat. I actually did think about logging back in to play recently. When I dropped into the game a few weeks ago for a drive around people on my friends list were still playing and when I got chatting they said that 99% of the cheat clans and solo rage cheaters have long since moved on. There's generally 1 Financial and 1 Waterfront always available with players, which surprised me. Maybe, just maybe I will give it a go during the summer. I think it'll take a lot to keep me though. Good memories.
  6. Konkalot

    Joystick recommendations?

    Working on the basis that you're looking in the middle market and when you say 'treating' you don't mean going crazy.... I've used an X52 Pro for years now. Absolutely love it. The only thing that's gone wrong is the throttle base led's to show % red/green throttle level now flicker on an off, dodgy connection, but that's after over 1,000 hours in Elite:Dangerous alone, so pretty good going. If I upgraded again I'd probably get the X56, but if this stick failed tomorrow I'd be tempted to just replace it like for like and get another X52 Pro to be honest. My brother bought the Thrustmaster Warthog and a set of pedals, he tells me that's also a great set up, I've seen it in action and it looked awesome. He actually had an X52 Pro too (I bought him one) but he wanted to upgrade to a full metal heavy stick with pedals. I have used this X52 Pro in S:C but only briefly so far, so can't really comment on how the button mapping will be effective or not if playing properly. The only real design fault of the X52 Pro is the toggle switches that you'll use for things like landing gear are on the stick base and not the throttle base, so you end up reaching across with your throttle hand rather than dropping down off the stick to press them, it becomes an acquired art of juggling your grips. The X56 fixes that, but then they cut down on the buttons on the stick itself, which is a shame since I use every one of the buttons and hats on the X52 Pro stick, everything does something and I'm not sure how I'd feel losing a single button or switch from the stick. From what I read though, most people who go for the X56 find it better after re-learning the muscle memory coming from the X52 or X52 Pro. Good luck!
  7. Pretty sure a few of the ol' APB division are playing PUBG. Sadly I've not had the time to join them, but I'm certain I've had some invites.... I think most are still checking the forums so will see this. I often watch Anderzel on Twitch / YouTube playing this. I think it would take me a long time to get that good though!
  8. Konkalot

    APB: ReReReLoaded

    Engine Update will be available as the Legendary prize in Joker Mystery Box 21...
  9. Konkalot

    APB: ReReReLoaded

    That's Christosx's job
  10. Konkalot

    APB: ReReReLoaded

    Activate Operation Human Shield. Team play achieved!
  11. Konkalot

    APB: ReReReLoaded

    You might be in luck with Overwatch, I'm pretty sure a few other former APB mentioned it, so they might be playing... Same with CSGO, another game I've heard of some playing. I think almost all of the APB crew are still here and dipping in and out of different FPS games
  12. Konkalot

    APB: ReReReLoaded

    I just thought the APB forum looked lonely. In news.... following the closure of the Hoplon Server (Brazil) and migration of all their players back into the Jericho (US) Server, just before Christmas it was announced by the Innova Server (Russia) that they are also shutting down. Their players will merge Q1 2017 into the Citadel (EU) Server. The population of the servers is therefore getting a nice boost. Unfortunately, G1 are still in charge. Don't worry though, there's an Engine Upgrade coming in 2015 that will revitialise the game. Oh, wait.... make that 2016. Oh. Stand by.... Also, other news, in November G1 reversed all former Punkbuster bans and allowed back in all accounts banned for cheating by that engine. Fairfight is now their main/only filter, and bans numerous accounts every single day (including some of our former Clan members who were taken with the dark side). But, it does seem that cheaters can comformtably play until Rank 100-150 (about half way) before getting the trigger. Many still approach max Rank 255 before the ban comes in post-200. The EU server still sees twice as many hackers as the US server All in all, the deeply toxic community and F2P re-roll hack-fest continue to plague the game and drive decent community members away from it. However, the real reason I wanted to post was just to give all former APB'ers a nudge, that If anyone is looking for any of the old crew to group with in other games, during December I had some fun times in both The Division and Battlefield 1 with former MSPD folks. Thanks to everyone who I grouped with. We MS lurkers can still make good team mates! I've been away over Christmas and am still away now, typing remotely, in case you wondered where I'd gone. Hope everyone had a good New Years' whether you were working or off, and wishing you all the best for 2017. MSPD forever!
  13. Konkalot

    Giveaway Time!

    Congratulations winners And a timely reminder noted that my sub stopped ages ago and I didn't donate during 2016. oops
  14. Konkalot

    Winter 2016 Ships Accounting!

    Starfarer Gemini Retaliator Bomber Mustang Gamma Constellation Aquila Freelancer MIS Hornet Ghost Cutlass Red Avenger Stalker Le Sponge