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  1. Tremere

    Patch 3.6, anyone playing?

    I am going to do an uninstall and full reinstall today, to get things clean and ready to go.
  2. Tremere

    Patch 3.6, anyone playing?

    It has been a while for myself as well. I just uninstalled everything so I can do a clean install of 3.6 but that will not happen until I get back in country friday or Saturday.
  3. Tremere

    Apex Legends

    I know there were a bunch of us that played on PC. We had a bunch of days where there were a full squad and extra playing all at the same time but that was back closer to launch.
  4. Tremere

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I am interested for E3. CD Project said they are not live streaming, nor will they make the game play available to the public this time.... But they also said this will be their biggest E3 ever. SO I am not sure if this is a marketing stunt to get people talking before they show something big, or if they have had to do such drastic changes that they have gone back to the drawing board and are quietly looking for thoughts and impressions before getting back into hardcore progression on the game.
  5. Tremere

    Zahadoom in the House :)

    That is pretty sweet. You will love it. I just got my PC from Origin about a month ago. Not one complaint. It runs like a beast and their support is excellent. Internet withdrawls can be horrible. If you have any questions about Origin give me a shout. They are awesome!
  6. Tremere

    2018 Ships Status Listing

    Constellation Andromeda Orion Reclaimer DragonFly Hull B Sabre F7C-M Super Hornet That is it for now.
  7. Tremere

    Must Read Book: Ready Player One

    I am super excited for the movie myself. This is one that could... translate really well to the theaters. I am REALLY, REALLY hoping they do not screw it up.
  8. Tremere

    ATTN 57th Squadron Star Citizen Players

    Also right now, to get in groups together you have to both log on and if one of your friends is online you can choose, "Join Friends" from the bottom right of the Universe launcher page. If you are not already friends, you both have to log into the game first. You will most likely be in different instances. Then one of you can do a /partyinvite name. the current key to accept is " [ ". Once you are both (or more) in a party, one person can log off and then use the Join Friends option to get into the same instance. This is clunky, but we have had a bunch of people on several times this way. If anyone needs help, just shout. I am almost always signed in, even if I am just lurking and working on something else.
  9. Tremere

    ATTN 57th Squadron Star Citizen Players

    Howdy, howdy everyone. Remember you cannot see Org members online yet, just your friends list. You can go through and follow everyone from the Organization's members page. A bit of a pain in the butt, but it is the easiest way to find everyone.
  10. Tremere


    I am trying it out again too. I can be found as Tremere//188
  11. Star Citizen was pushed to the live servers yesterday. This is a huge update and by it going to the live servers we can now use your main friends lists from your account, instead of the PTU account you may have been using. This should make it easier for MS folks to find each other. Once you have updated everything your launcher should show VERSION 3.0..0-LIVE.695052. I uninstalled and deleted everything to re update to the live build. It was almost 12 GB but the new delta patcher makes it so the future patches are small and fast. We have been using the delta patcher all month in the PTU and it was fantastic. My handle is LordTremere and you can find me in the 57th Midnight Squadron organization if you need.
  12. Tremere

    Aegis Hammerhead

    I really, really want a hammerhead
  13. Tremere


    I use them. I mainly use them to connect to my smart home system. Turning on and off lights, adjusting the thermostat. In additional checking the weather in the morning before I turn on the computer or playing my pandora stuff. They are great for playing Reveille to annoy my kid or Fiancee when they won't get up to their alarms. I also use them for setting timers when I am cooking, or setting reminders throughout the day. They can also be useful for ordering from Amazon, but I do not do that often, but I have done it through my Alexa and DOTs.
  14. Tremere

    Citizen Con 2017 Report

    This was a really exciting coming together demonstration of a lot of the technologies finally being shown all at once. It was a really exciting thing to see fully realized take off, travel and landing on other celestial bodies. The tech is looking really exciting and there were lots of hints that the 3.0 drop should only be a few weeks out.
  15. Tremere


    Planetary buildings are going to be a revenue generating exercise. AS well as serve as emergent gameplay mechanics, by allowing other to try and take them over of course...