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  1. *Cries in Templar while killing Fata Padurii*
  2. BudTheSlug

    Cyberpunk 2077

    6 years now lol
  3. Was I hallucinating a guy on a motorcycle?
  4. BudTheSlug

    Elder Scrolls Online poll

    I played as Dominion. I liked the fighting. Tried different combinations of weapons, and liked the aiming of the bows and being able to use the mouse button to hack on enemies up close. Most of my gear I found by digging through the abundant treasure chests once I got the hang of picking locks. It was kind of nice being able to open things on my own without just a message saying I failed. I saw some of the secret missions, such as the treasure maps that come in random drops. Plus I liked the idea of finding skyshards to increase skills when I felt like there was something else I wanted to do. The only crafting I really did was cooking, to see what it had to offer. I seemed to make money pretty easily, but since this is still beta, I figure they are still tweaking the economy.Grouping up was a bit awkward if you were further along than the person you grouped with, but once we figured out what the deal was it went pretty smoothly. Plus there's fishing, my favorite past time in MMOs (That comes from being up late in PST when all the europeans and east coasters are fast asleep). I figure even though you have some quests to complete to go explore other zones, you can probably knock them out quickly to get out of the starter zones.
  5. BudTheSlug

    Elder Scrolls Online - Factions

    Aw, how could the Dominion be the bad guys. Just because there's cannibal Bosmer, thieving cats and jerk High Elves doesn't mean they are all bad. Maybe we should see how many people are pre-ordering so we can pick the faction accordingly? I plan on preordering but I figure we still have time. I was gonna be Bosmer or Breton myself, but I don't have a preference for faction.
  6. BudTheSlug

    Elder Scrolls Online poll

    I like it.
  7. BudTheSlug

    Sword Art Online

    Also on crunchyroll
  8. BudTheSlug

    Almost there...

    That there is a lot of cookies
  9. BudTheSlug

    so i just started playing....

    Hi! I just started too and am playing with Rofl a bit. Maybe see ya on.
  10. BudTheSlug

    This weirdness is going on

    It's always something with these guys:   http://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?t=74664   Quick breakdown, the devs got some weirdo package with a puzzle inside and you know how these things go. Puzzle get opened, weird memory cards with cryptic clues inside, strange hexadecimal encoding of files that combine into a neat RAR file with a password.
  11. Gonna have to make sure my next game has fishing.

  12. BudTheSlug

    TSW Division's Move to Casual

    It's been an honor to play with you all. I will see you around MS and still in TSW when I can. Thanks to everyone who made this place a good home.
  13. BudTheSlug

    TSW Division Promotions

    Congrats everybody!
  14. BudTheSlug

    Finally happened

    In honor of killing plenty of those filthy Padurii and their attendant spirits, I wrote a little post in the official forums.   http://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?t=73389