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  1. ViciousDelicious

    Patch 3.6, anyone playing?

    Well I play almost every day. But yeah I'll be playing with Marx. If anyone wants to tag along, I'd be happy to give a tour, some tips...tricks because boy will you need them! I only have a cutlass (which would fit everyone just fine) but yeah. The more the merrier!
  2. ViciousDelicious

    Little Orbit acquires Gamers First and by extension, APB: Reloaded

    I miss you guys. =(
  3. ViciousDelicious

    The Sifter

    I've updated a link to my novel (above) in case anyone was bored enough to read. Thanks!
  4. ViciousDelicious

    2018 Ships Status Listing

    Currently: Aegis Avenger Stalker Moving to: Drake Cutlass Red
  5. ViciousDelicious

    The 57th Midnight Squadron

    Welcome everyone!
  6. Quite a few of us. Some might not show up on the MS discord but they are playing, like Savy, myself, Wilb0b etc.
  7. ViciousDelicious

    Drivers License

    Remind me not to let you drive, ATeamM
  8. ViciousDelicious

    NEXT Star Trek Question

    Chief Medical Officer should definitely be a position on that top list. Just sayin'. With that said. Captain: Jean-Luc Picard XO/ #1: Data Science Officer: Seven of Nine Engineer: Geordie LaForge Pilot: Tom Paris Security: Odo Chief Medical Officer: EMH (The Doctor) Extra Positions: Weapons Officer: Worf Intelligence/Covert Ops: Garak
  9. ViciousDelicious

    APB: ReReReLoaded

    Just waiting on that engine update.
  10. ViciousDelicious

    APB: ReReReLoaded

    I have hopped in to play a few more times these past two months. Never had any hacker problems. Though the game doesn't seem to be running any better, or worse. Same old same old for me.
  11. ViciousDelicious

    RANKING Star Trek TV Shows

    Given I haven't seen TOS, or finished Enterprise, my list is largely unfinished. TNG ranks at my number one just because I felt the characters were just so memorable, even if the shows overarching story wasn't exactly seamless, it still gave plenty of adventures to be had. DS9 comes in second because of its well-thought plot line throughout the whole series. Plus it had some great cast, Garak being my favorite of them all. Voyager, while wasn't bad, did pose a new dilemma of being lost and encountering new things the other series hadn't touched on. Frankly, I can't rank them, they all had their thing. So far Enterprise is meh. And the intro song is driving me mad.
  12. ViciousDelicious

    Lost Ark Online

    Here's a run down of the classes and sub-classes available in the game. Taken from the Lost Ark reddit. Korean closed betas have already started. Still very hyped about this game. Warrior: Berserker, Destroyer, Warlord Mage: Arcana, Summoner, Bard Fighter: Battle Master, Infighter, Kimaster Gunner: Hawkeye, Devil Hunter, Blaster Assassin: Shamanking, Pirate, Shadow Specialist: Astrologer, Musician, Alchemist
  13. ViciousDelicious


    I run an MSI R9 390X, which is more than enough graphical power to run the game, but my processor is an AMD X6 Phenom II 1100T. It's an old processor from a few years back. The game does not run well at all for me. I'd like to assume the game is still CPU intensive. My wife runs a i7 5820k with an EVGA 780 ACX SC 6GB and it runs just fine. So yeah, your CPU is gonna make or break it for you. That's just my opinion anyway.
  14. ViciousDelicious


    Open Beta starts on the 16th, if anyone wants to try a pretty fun MOBA.
  15. ViciousDelicious


    I participated in an alpha test of the game. For anyone interested already... I'd keep an eye out. This might be the start of something beautiful, if not wildly chaotic. I can't say much but other than it's... different.