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  1. Drakozen

    Hey guys!

    Hey guys it's been awhile I'm playing mostly on xbox1 now but I thought I would let all of you know that if you play Fallout 76 I have been running a RP Brotherhood of Steel Group and any of you guys are always welcome, you guys gave me so much experience commanding divisions that I would be glad to play with you guys anytime. Hopefully here soon you guys will get into a new game that I can play on PC, I have guild wars 2 but have had trouble keeping interest. GT: Drakozen P.s. if you need my steam tag it's all under my profile. Any other questions let me know
  2. Drakozen

    Anyone playing?

    im back to playing, Drakozen@Drakozen just add me
  3. Drakozen

    The 57th Fleet

    Hey guys just seeing what's up been awhile since i played with y'all I'm on holodeck playing again, would like to play with some people again my in-game tag is Drakozen@drakozen
  4. When will some good games come out!!!!

  5. Drakozen

    Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Wasn't sure if anyone is planning on playing this on xbox one or not. Me and a buddy will be playing this, wasn't sure if anyone had access to the closed beta currently going on, if not no big deal, looking for some people to play with during full game release!!! me and my buddy's GT is Drakozen (me) and P4intb4llwiz4rd
  6. Drakozen

    "Groups" Xbox1

    Hey guys add me to the group on xbox, GT is Drakozen
  7. Drakozen

    Dragon Age: Inquisition Co-op

    I'm playing it on xbox 1 if anyone is on there...
  8. Drakozen

    Eternal Crusade

    They said no, have to pick a subfaction
  9. Drakozen

    Eternal Crusade

    Hey whats your forum name, and what are you planning on rolling? Mine is Drakozen720, or Drakozen, but im rolling Space Wolves.
  10. Drakozen

    Eternal Crusade (40K Game)

    If anyone is interested let me know, i went ahead and did basic founders so if you are interested you can use my recruit number and help me out. http://www.eternalcrusade.com/account/sign-up/?ref_code=EC-3A6A1MCDZVOB7
  11. Drakozen

    Halo 4

    Drakozen will be
  12. Drakozen

    UK Mountain dew Giveaway

    So someone from Europe who drinks mountain dew should hook me up with the halo 4 code for the xbox avatar armor!!!! plz
  13. Drakozen

    Signature Generator

    Finished mine... i just dont have a photo program with transparency so it doesnt look perfect, but good enough
  14. Drakozen

    Are we there yet?

    NO LIE!!!!!
  15. Drakozen

    Possible MIA (I hate fire)

    yeah, the fires are horrible, i live in denver