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  1. Zeus

    Congratulations to Dancing Kirby

    Congrats for sure. And thank you.
  2. Zeus

    New Division Logos

    Looking awesome. Colors are perfect.
  3. Zeus

    Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    Anytime NP! Im right there with you i am so out of touch with the game right now.
  4. hey everyone, Just a note that we are still running the 57th Squadron Fantasy football site for anyone that wants to play. You can let me know and we will get you an invite. http://www58.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/33328#0 Can email jaylmurphy@yahoo.com or Kahn at adanielski@msn.com Check it out and let us know, Jay (Zeus)
  5. Zeus

    Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    No worries. Been off more then on myself.
  6. Zeus

    Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    No worries Niv. ;)
  7. Zeus

    Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    No worries guys. I was there for awhile. With everything on my end being quiet now have more time on my hands again.
  8. Zeus

    Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    Hoping to get more people on. Only you replied which does not make me feel warm and fuzzy.
  9. Well I hope my post title drew some interest. I am looking to see when people are on GW2 now. What nights/day do you get to play? I have more time on my hands and want to get back into playing more. Looking for some people so its not all about me (you know I am not selfish!). Hope to hear from ya, Zeus
  10. Zeus

    Any 57th MS folks into GW2? Join us!

    Yeah I have been playing and do not know that stuff.
  11. Zeus

    Any 57th MS folks into GW2? Join us!

    Hey Sliva! You can still only go up to level 80. There have been a ton of living story add ons but they would need to be purchased to play (they have them in bundles by season i think). There are also two expansions now that give the new Specializations. You can get both standard edition expansions for 50 if you want them: https://buy.guildwars2.com/store?Action=html&Env=BASE&Locale=en_US&SiteID=gw2&cid=104%3A5%3A%3A%3A%3AGlobal%3A290%3A%3A%3A&pbPage=heartofthorns&themeID=4785548000 Basics are that the first expansion adds Gliders to the game and the second Mounts. The first adds the new profession Revenant to the game and each expansion addes a new specialization for each of the existing classes. I am bias but i like the Guardians Dragonhunter! Hope that helps, Zeus
  12. Zeus

    Any 57th MS folks into GW2? Join us!

    Welcome to hit me up as well if you see me.
  13. Zeus

    The 57th Midnight Squadron

    It is good to hear and see. Great people on both sides! So no more sides! Welcome to everyone,friends old and new.. and man some of you are old. oh wait I am one of them.
  14. Zeus

    Fanatsy Football 2018 is here!

    Sounds good. Thought it said draft was at 2.. I would have missed.