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  1. Train

    Destiny 2 PC

    https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Invitations?groupid=2772175 That should be the link to request admission into the clan.
  2. Train

    Struggling.... to progress...

    Marx hopped on a bit this evening. I am usually gaming starting around 6 or 7 PM est.
  3. Train

    Struggling.... to progress...

    I am level 80 btw on Living Story Season 2 I think Chapter 2.
  4. Train

    Struggling.... to progress...

    I haven't played since release and they added those guild hunts or whatever they were. I am so behind. I am a vanilla Warrior right now. I am not sure if I have beserker unlocked. I am using a GS/Mace and Axe build. I am up to change it for sure.... Path of Fire really has me pumped but starting back has really been disheartening.
  5. So... I got super pumped for the expansion and I have been trying to play but this living season stuff is kicking my but.... I feel like I am doing so little damage and just getting hit so hard. I play a warrior so I think something is really wrong. I am dodging out of attacks and still getting facerolled.... does anyone else have this problem. It is really getting to me. I don't remember this game being so hard.
  6. Train

    Fanatsy Football 2018 is here!

    I am definitely going to be donating some kind of prize. I don't want people to feel obligated. I just think it adds more to the accomplishment.
  7. Train

    Fanatsy Football 2018 is here!

    Anyone up for donating like steam cards or gift cards to an prize pool? It won't be a requirement but I am thinking of donating something to make it a little more fun lol.
  8. Train

    Fanatsy Football 2018 is here!

    I will be back in! I am giong to really try and not forget about it this year. I had like 3 pay leagues last year I had to run....
  9. https://www.pantheonmmo.com/newsletter/2017_july_intro/ This issue touches on AI, importance of community-focused gaming, and a few other topics.
  10. Train

    Alright, ELI5

    @Marx I really have no desire to transport goods or people. I would more use it for combat. The part of the game that intrigues me manly what the game has to office beyond the flying.
  11. Train

    Alright, ELI5

    I am super close to pulling the trigger and buying a ship. Are the starter ships good enough?
  12. Train

    The road ahead

    Which is all fine by me because I hadn't experienced any of it!
  13. Train

    ARG weapons

    I got mine as well! If you using Outlook it may be in your spam folder.
  14. Train

    Secret World: Legends

    Hey Commissar, Ill add you to friends so I can add you next time I we are on at the same time.