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  1. Rizman

    Patch 3.6, anyone playing?

    I have not flown in awhile as my rig needs an upgrade. I know Tremere and a few others fly from time to time. Riz
  2. Rizman

    Football season is coming

    Guess I have to defend my title.
  3. Rizman

    2018 Ships Status Listing

    Freelancer Hornet
  4. Rizman


    We just need to find a day we can all be on at the same time. Riz
  5. Rizman

    ATTN 57th Squadron Star Citizen Players

    I have done all the invites. I have also moved Carth and Agent to their respected ranks. Once the game is far more stable and we are more active, we can rework the ranking system. Riz Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  6. Rizman

    What I win?

    Woot Woot! Riz
  7. Rizman


    Hah! we were in a match together. Didn't know you where on., Riz
  8. Rizman


    mine is......Rizman
  9. Rizman


    I will be on tonight from 8pm EST till 1am or so. Catch me then as it will be like till Friday till you see me again Riz
  10. Rizman


    Sounds good
  11. Rizman

    Steelers SUCK

    Yes they do.
  12. Rizman


    Okay, you've drawn me in. Riz
  13. Rizman

    Cowboys vs dolphins

    Aww. Poor Sliva. Guess the only thing that goes down on Dallas is Debbie.
  14. Rizman

    Guild still active?

    I can get you an invite to the MS guild. However there is very little activity. even i've slowed my activity for the moment as I do holiday things on Secret World. Riz
  15. Rizman

    Must Read Book: Ready Player One

    I'll be looking into it when I can. Riz