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  1. Oberon


    Hey Whiplash. Bosn was retired and running a boat for hire off the coast of Florida. He passed away a few years ago. A fallen brother, but not forgotten!
  2. Oberon

    Hey guys!

    Hey Drak! What's up?! Glad to see you pop in to say hi I'm still doing MMOs on my PC, but a lot of the others are on consoles. Best, Oberon
  3. Oberon

    Guess who finally got his shirt in.

    Wear it with pride Sliva!!!
  4. Oberon

    Congratulations to Dancing Kirby

    I remember seeing Dancing Kirby around the old forums.\ Great news on his recent happiness! That is truly awesome. All the best to you Kirby!
  5. Oberon


    Hey Armageddon, Glad you dropped by to say hello. Best, Oberon
  6. Oberon

    Re: Upcoming Games

    Howdy and welcome back! Thanks for coming over to say hello. I know many folks here are playing on consoles or 1st person shooters, but personally I'm into MMOs. Play GW2 on a regular basis, and am starting to ramp up for Star Citizen. We have MS-57th members playing both if you're interested. Best, Oberon
  7. Oberon

    Zahadoom in the House :)

    I'm in Plano, so about an hour and a half from Greenville. I just moved from living near the west side of Lake Lavon, so I was a lot closer to you Zaha. In addition to Cav down in Houston, we have a GW2 player that isn't on the forums much that lives in Fort Worth, and Sliva lives down in the Austin area. I'm up for a dinner or the like.
  8. Oberon

    New Division Logos

    Very nice!
  9. Oberon

    Zahadoom in the House :)

    Sweet! That laptop is probably 10x the speed of my old desktop gaming rig! Zaha, what part of Texas? Close to Dallas?
  10. How's she liking the Alpha version?
  11. Oberon

    Is this thing on? Are you ever on?

    Hey Zeus. I'm so busy with RL stuff that I rarely game now...
  12. Hey Doc. Sorry to hear about your parents. My condolences.
  13. Oberon


    Metal! What's up?!