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    Guess who finally got his shirt in.

    Sliva, you need to hook up with Moonripple and Moodquake... are Austin natives.
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    Re: Upcoming Games

    Fafhrd, what's up bud? Appreciate the heads up. The only person I know that might be playing the stuff you referenced is Fat Elvis and Malleus. Currently playing Insurgency Sandstorm, Ghost Recon Wildlands and latest is Division 2. Jump on our discord and say hello sometime bud. You can link it from this website.
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    Division 2 Launch

    As many of you know Division 2 launched live on 3 -15-19 and we are off to the races. The game graphics are awesome but not all of the features seem to be fully functional. We have found that playing solo everything in the game seems to work but once you play in groups all of a sudden some of the functions cease to work. Stuff like having your mini-gun you just laid out disappear, or multi-grenades don't disperse. You get into a firefight only to find you can no longer throw your grenades. Your weapon will disappear in your hands. Minor glitches but when you are on hard mode it can drag out a fire fight a bit longer than needed. Do not despair, the game is a hell of a lot of fun and teaming up with your friends only makes the experience that much better. We have set up the clan as Midnight Squadron in game. Tags are MSD - Midnight Squadron Division. Currently, the in game name is Midnight Sqadrn. It has been brought to my attention that only a ignorant person would abbreviate squadron this way so the in game name shall be changed to Midnight SQDN. No, no one said it but once brought to my attention this looks much better. Also, we have an in game logo... which can be changed if you don't like it but I believe a custom logo can be used. I just have not figured that part out yet. Here are a couple of screen shots of what things look like in game guys: It is still very early and not everyone has joined in the clan yet. If you do not have an invite to the 57th MS let me know and I will personally send you guys an invite. Here are some of the stats for the first weekend of play: This list has grown since this screen shot and I will try to keep you guys updated. Well, in summary, the game is a bit buggy but not so much that you can't have fun playing it. Hopefully, Kahn will be posting some of his Monte Carl YouTube vids. Catch you guys in game. Oh, here are my Ubi-Club stats:
  4. Many of you do not know Stephan Clack aka Dancing Kirby. He has been a member now 8 years or so and upon his graduation from high school was a lost lamb. He did some odd jobs here and there but nothing that really peaked his interest. In our realm, Dancing Kirby was a godsend. He held his own with the very best and was considered by many as unbeatable. All that said, he and I have had several conversations about what is next. One of the last conversations with myself I encouraged him to enter the military, take advantage of what they offer. He also discussed things with Stilgar and we always tried to give him the best advice given the scenario. Well, he joined the air force and is not stationed in Japan. Today I find that he is getting engaged and life for Stephen is at an all time high. Please take a minute to send him a hello for both his service to our country and the blessing God is showing him. Congratulations Stephen, I am very proud of you.
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    Anthem - Early Release

    Anthem will go live tonight anyone that is able will see you guys in Discord. Anthem Early Access Gameplay Live. We dive into the early hours of Anthem now that its available through Origin Premier Access on Xbox One and PC.
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    Anthem - Early Release

    Seems my jetpack cannot handle Anthem. I constantly get disconnected and spend all my time trying to reconnect.
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    Anthem - Early Release

    Looking forward to playing this tonight.
  8. Been a while since I have posted here but I will give it a try. This week I am able to be back playing again and to my surprise I find Stilgar, AgentJLM and Ferrett, have been busy with the game Insurgency - Sandstorm. This is a Steam based, first person shooter newly released. Yes it has a few glitches but overall a good place to sit and spend a few hours of game play. We now have up to four servers. Server are 57th - Central based in Dallas, 57th - North based in Chicago, 57th - West based in Los Angeles and the 4th server I personally have not seen yet and do not have the name but Stilgar assures me it is there :). Guys, catch this game on steam and if able jump in join us. All you need do is once in the game, do a server search and you will find the 57th servers to be amoung the busiest in the server list. Also, catch us in discord and ask any questions needed.
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