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    XBOX Live Night

    By Waylain,
    [indent]So I hope everyone is settling in right nicely. It's been a bit since we had one but is time once again to get XBL Nights going again. From hence forth, Friday night at 10 pm EST shall be known as the XBL Night. Games and such will vary, but the time is the same.

    Some games to choose from are:
    Battlefield 1943 - Arcade game (Only $12)
    Gears of War Games
    Rainbow Six: Vegas 1/2
    Halo 3&ODST
    Call of Duty Games

    Midnight Squadron's New Website

    By Capm,
    <center><img src="http://www.midnightsquadron.com/ms/news/news01.png">

    I would like to officially welcome everyone to the new website for The Midnight Squadron! It has been a long time in coming. The new site software is jam-packed with features including advanced spam account mitigation, shoutbox, a member photo/image gallery, new improved private messenger, and the shoutcast/podcast center which is pretty sweet.

    Everyone will need to re-register an account and command will reset your access as soon as possible.

    There are a few sections which are still incomplete, such as the team pages for each division some of which have been started, and the team rosters which have yet to be constructed. However we do have a new award system application which now displays the awards and medals given to each member in their profiles. I would like to thank everyone for their patience and a special thanks to those who made financial contributions and server hosting contributions which made several of the new features possible!

    Newest member

    By Cav,
    Help me in saying congrats to SIMONLORD, who has worked hard for the Stargate Division and stuck with us for a long time now and therefore I am making him a member today :)

    Congrats man, and welcome to the family. You will find your wings on your page under Awards

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