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    March Madness Kickoff: Table Top Simulator

    By Atlas,

    Hey Guys,


    So as some of you know (but there are probably many who don't) every Friday evening in March, we get together and stream some games. This year, we'd like to kick things off with something a little different. For those that don't know, Table Top Simulator is a game that lets you re-create and play board games with up to eight people. This is supported by the Steam workshop, which means virtually every game you can image is available to download and play. 


    Vic and I tested it out with a group of MSers a few weeks back and had an absolute blast, which is why I think its a great way to kick things off for MS' March Madness. So join us this coming Friday, March 4th at 8:00 pm EST for some classic board game fun.

    New XO for Guild Wars 2

    By Atlas,

    At first glance, 1,518 doesn't seem like a very impressive number. However, when you realize that it represents how many days Zeus has been XO for the guild wars 2 division while it was active (and yes, I subtracted the time we were inactive) its pretty staggering. From February 2, 2011 - January 18, 2016 Zeus has been a guiding force for this division and one of the main reasons for its success up to this day. Unfortunately, real-life time constraints have made it difficult for him to continue serving in this capacity and he has graciously offered to step down. It has been a pleasure working with him as we managed the behind the scenes duties of CO and XO and I've had a blast playing with him in game. 


    It is therefore my pleasure to award him with the Meritorious Service Cross for his tireless efforts and dedication as XO for the Guild Wars 2 division. 






    I also have the pleasure of announcing our new XO, ZeroAegis!


    Zero has been a member of MS since January 2012 and has served as one of our Team Leads since our division re-activated back in October. He has impressed me with his ability to keep a cool head in times of stress and his sarcasm may even rival my own!


    I am honored to award Zero the new rank of 2nd Lieutenantrank_lieutenant.jpg


    As our new Executive Officer, he is now charged with the following responsibilites:



    An Executive Officer, or XO, is the executor, or second-in-command of a division, and works directly under the Commanding Officer of a division. There is only one XO per Division in the MS, so obtaining this rank is extremely difficult. There are no real requirements to reach Executive Officer, but experience as a Team Leader is very helpful. The Executive Officer is selected by the Commanding Officer, and then approved by Senior Command. An Executive Officer's role in Midnight Squadron is to handle all incoming reports from members and Team Leaders, and to act as the Commanding Officer when he/she is not present. 


    Please join me in both thanking Zeus for his years of service, and welcoming Zero in his new role as we pass the Executive torch. 



    State of the Clan Meeting Wrapup

    By Waylain,



     So here it is the wrapup and meeting recording. There's a big chunk of Star Citizen right in the middle so enjoy that. We also announced our upcoming Sponsored Cadet program, the outline for March Madness comeback, some site upgrades coming for real this time, and the Gameathon planning is starting soon. 
    Like its mentioned in the meeting, more details on all these will be coming up soon. March Madness and the Sponsored Cadets details should be coming pretty soon
    Also, congrats to to Swid on some MS merch and Majorpain with a $20 Steam giftcard. 




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